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The Team

Check here for the full list of people involved in activities concerning the Antikythera Mechanism and the Shipwreck, since 1900.

The founding members of the initial academic team of the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project (AMRP) were astrophysicist Mike Edmunds (Cardiff University, UK), the mathematician and film-maker Tony Freeth (Images First, UK), the astronomer John Seiradakis (University of Thessaloniki, Greece), the astrophysicist Xenophon Moussas (University of Athens, Greece), the physicist and historian of science Yanis Bitsakis (University of Athens, Greece) and the philologist and palaeographer Agamemnon Tselikas (National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation). The academic team worked closely with the team from the National Archaeological Museum: the chemist Dr. Eleni Magou, the archeologist-museologist Mary Zafeiropoulou, with a number of conservators led by Gerassimos Makris. The Scientific and Technical Collaborators were the Hewlett-Packard Team and the X-Tek Team.

After the first results were published in 2006, the AMRP began an important collaboration with Alexander Jones (Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York, USA) and John Steele (Brown University, USA). In 2007, a PhD was established at the University of Thessaloniki. The PhD student Magdalini Anastasiou, was supervised by John Seiradakis, Kyriakos Efstathiou and Stella Drougou. The team is assisted by a number of students and technicians.

The results of the AMRP have already aided further research and interpretation, and attracted the attention of scholars in such fields as epigraphy and ancient calendars, ancient science and technology, and, more generally, in the Hellenistic period of the ancient Greek world. AMRP collaborators include Maria Papathanasiou (University of Athens), Elias Gourtsogiannis, Jim Evans and Alan Thorndike (University of Puget Sound, USA) and their collaborator Christián Carman (University of Quilmes, Argentina), with Robert Hannah (University of Waikato, New Zealand), Paul Iversen, and others.