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The World's First Computer

A historical and scientific investigation telling the extraordinary story of how the ancient Greeks built a computer 2,000 years ago. Set against the glorious backdrop of classical Greece, the film explains how the ancients had the knowledge and creativity to put together such a machine. But who was the genius inventor behind it? And what was it really for? By focusing on the work of another rival scientist, the story follows an international research team, who finally solved the puzzle of the antikythera Mechanism. Scientific breakthroughs illustrated with the latest scientific data and stunning graphics reveal a trail of mysterious numbers that solved the conundrum of the gears – a real life Da Vinci code set in ancient Greece.

Director: Mike Beckham
Script: Mike Beckham
Photographer: Steve Gray
Montage: Simon Ruben
Sound: Leandros Dounis, Haralambos Yannakakis, Tim Watts
Music: Stephen Daltry, Stefanos Konstantinidis
Producer: Tony Freeth
Production: Images First Ltd tony@imagesfirst.com
Co-production: Αnemon Productions, ERT SA Hellenic Broadcasting Corp., ARTE, NHK, Roger Hadland, Nikon, National Hellenic Research Foundation
Type: DigiBeta Color
Production Country: UK-Greece
Duration: 75'
Production Year: 2012