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The Data

The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project is providing definitive data on the three-dimensional structure of the Antikythera Mechanism and its surface inscriptions—to ensure indefinite conservation of the priceless information content of this spectacular artefact.

This data is available in a digital data archive for future researchers and we are confident that this will stimulate a new and more dynamic era in the history of research on this unique artefact.

More than one Terabyte of data (1000 Gigabytes) has been collected and processed. The data consists of:
- Digital photographs
- Surface imaging (PTMs)
- X-rays (2D and 3D)

Two data sets are available online:

  • The full resolution PTMs, at the HP Labs download page. 82 PTMs are available, from the 82 remaining fragments of the Mechanism (the number of PTMs, 82, is a coincidence, since some small fragments are grouped into a single PTM, and the larger fragments are imaged on more than one PTM per fragment.
  • The Digital Radiographs of all the known remaining fragments of the Antikythera Mechanism, acquired by X-Tek Systems with the BladeRunner System, are available for viewing and download on the website of Shaw Inspection Systems (formerly X-Tek Industrial).

Extensive data from Computed Tomography (CT) can not be released online at this time, since the data sets are much too large. Researchers interested in accessing the CT data should contact the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project.
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