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The following text was written in November 2006 for the international conference on the Antikythera Mechanism that coincided with the publication of the first research results in Nature. See below for updated info since 2006 and until today (2016).

Science is a collaborative venture. Without the support and generosity of funding institutions and agencies and the dedication of several individuals, its pace, effectiveness and success are greatly limited.

This work was initially supported by the Leverhulme Trust. Without its generous support, the Project would still be in its infancy. The Walter Hudson Bequest, the University of Athens Research Committee, the National Bank of Greece and its Cultural Foundation (in particular its Director, Dionysis Kapsalis), all played a pivotal role in the success of the Project.

Complete credits about funding and financial support are here.

The support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture (in particular, Petros Tatoulis, former Deputy Minister) was invaluable. We also acknowledge essential support from the National Archaeological Museum in Athens (Nikolaos Kaltsas, Director, Rosa Proskinitopoulou, Deputy Director & Head of Bronze Section). We acknowledge the generous support of the staff of the National Archaeological Museum and of X-Tek Systems.

The Athens International Conference was supported by the National Bank of Greece. The French Embassy - French Institute in Athens contributed to the organisation of Session 3 of the Conference.

Special thanks to the Athens Traffic Police for their assistance in conveying X-Tek Systems’ eight-tonne x-ray machine to and from the National Archaeological Museum.

Finally, we acknowledge help and advice from Alex Abravanel, Stella and Eftichios Alfieris, Janet Ambers, Hazel Forsyth, Ian Freestone, Emmanuel Georgoudakis, Dimitris Gogos, Robert Halleux, Theofanis Hatzigrivas, Velson Horie, Alexander Jones, Mark Jones, Herb Johnson, Panaghiotis Kipouros, Haralambos Kritzas, Josef Lossl, Dionysios Mouzakis, Efthymios Nicolaidis, Eftichis Papadopetrakis, George Simantonis, Ioanna Soufleri, Christos Stathakopoulos, Ioannis ("Danny") Theofanidis, Lefteris Tsavliris, Harry Tzalas, Alexandros Valassopoulos, Ruth Westgate, Tim Whiteside and Angelos Xenos.

Since 2006 and especially 2008, with the second publication of the research results in "Nature", there are numerous activities around the Antikythera Mechanism and more people involved in complex events like congresses, exhibitions, films etc. We will try to credit them in the list below, always in alphabetical order.

We acknowledge help and advice from Yiorgos Anomeritis, Rea Apostolides, Madeleine Avramoussis, Lorenz Baumer, Jean-Claude Biver, Mathias Buttet, Stratos Charchalakis, Irini Gavala, Ricardo Guadalupe, Katerina Giannadaki, Elena Grammatikopoulou, Alexandros Haratzas, Isidoros Kioleoglou, Theodoros Koukoulis, Panos Laskaridis, Lena Makri, Sotiris Margioris, Ariana Meintana, Stavros Michailidis, Irini Moustaki, Philippe Nicolet, Ronald Numbers, Ilia Papaspyrou, Theodore Passas, Girolamo Ramunni, Constantine Skordoulis, Stratos Theodorakakis, Aris Tsaravopoulos, Eleni Kladaki-Vratsanou and George-Andrew Zannos.